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David G. Hans, Psy.D.

If you’re visiting this website, a wellness professional most likely referred you to Dr. Hans. Or perhaps you heard about him from a friend or family member. Either way, be thankful: you are on your way to experiencing your best life yet.

David Hans is a highly successful investment banker who left the profession to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology, with the purpose of helping people like you overcome the obstacles to achieving a joyful and fulfilling life. He has been a trusted advisor to private clients and Fortune 500 executives for the past 30 years.

Whether it’s stress, health issues, destructive patterns or relationship struggles, David will help you quickly and effectively push through your challenges to achieve optimal emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. He works with only a select number of clients at a time, allowing an unusually deep level of service not limited to once-a-week sessions. Your work together will be highly personal, caring and intensive.

Most of David’s clients are or have been high achievers. Some turn to him to consolidate gains from a recent health, wellness or treatment program and to prevent the recurrence of problematic behaviors. Others feel “stuck,” empty or lacking purpose, and are seeking a greater sense of fulfillment. All are motivated to take action – the first and most important step in creating real change. The fact you have come to this website is proof that you are ready.


Dr. Hans believes that to help people live their best lives, you must address the whole person. This includes their psychological health, physical health (including fitness and nutrition), relationships, spirituality and life purpose.

Some clients are struggling with anxiety, depression or feelings of emptiness. Others, with relationship problems, loneliness or lack of connection. These types of problems are all too common among successful people.

With David, you will develop a comprehensive plan for addressing any issues in these areas. Then he will be at your side as you successfully execute this plan, advising and encouraging you along the way.


David’s goal is to have you living with real purpose and joy as soon as possible. That’s why he won’t ask you to lie on a couch and discuss your childhood – a slower and more traditional form of talk therapy.

Authentic Life Designs

Instead, together you will quickly pinpoint the underlying unmet needs that are preventing you from moving forward, using his customized assessment method. Then you will methodically eliminate obstacles and limiting beliefs using techniques David has cultivated through years of training and experience. The ultimate goal is for you to feel fulfilled, competent and empowered in every aspect of your life, both personal and professional.


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